Elite Web Services was created to fill a hole I saw in the small business market…

I realized that medium and large business generally have an IT and Marketing department (or they outsource it) that handles all the technical aspects of marketing for the company. Small business just can’t afford this level of staffing, thus they are at a disadvantage.

Elite Web Services is based on a teaching platform as I feel that if a customer understands the basic aspects of marketing in this technical world, they will be better prepared to make wise and timely decisions about their marketing campaigns. This has worked well, as customers learn more they understand the importance of online exposure in today’s world. Having the knowledge to make good decisions is what makes us all better at what I do.

My business is not brick and mortar based. I have no big fancy office that you can go to but rest assured you will receive individual attention from Elite Web Services. I work out of my home (or sitting on the beach) thus can keep my overhead to a minimum providing you great value for your hard earned dollar. I also have the ability to service customers anywhere in the world using the Internet, telephones, email and video conferencing (when needed) to communicate with all my clients.

Now, a little about me personally. My technical career started back in the late 70’s repairing computers for a large technology company. During this period of my work history I learned the intricacies of technology and also became an expert in the art of customer service. I have also oversaw the manufacture of computers on a large scale for a industrial computer company in San Diego. While running the operations of the company, my customer service skill set was tested and refined on a daily basis. I have taught my self the practice and art of graphic design through my many years of web design and advertising materials. I enjoy the creation process and look forward to helping you as I have many others.

So my goal is to help as many small businesses as possible get more customers using the power of the Internet. Times are changing and it is time to take advantage of these changes. You can be sure that some of your competitors are using these tools.

I look forward to helping you!