Mobile MarketingThe number of smart phone users today is just crazy. This segment of our society is growing at a pace much fast than any other segment of Internet users! They browse the Internet, text their friends, update their Twitter accounts, keep in touch with their Facebook friends and oh yeah they use it as a phone occasionally.

The power of the modern smart phone is staggering when compared to computers of a few years back. Not only are they powerful for the user, they are also very powerful for a marketer!

Text Messaging

Imagine, you have a business and have been collecting customer’s cell phone numbers for the past year. You now have over 200 cell phone numbers for your customers. When ever you have a new sale at your store, you send your “text” list a quick text message announcing your sale promotion. You have just promoted your sale to over 200 customers within a matter of seconds. And the best thing about text messaging beyond the fact it is almost instantaneous is that the open rate for text messages is 97%. Compare that to a dismal open rate for emails?!

Mobile Enabled Web Sites

And on another mobile topic, how does your website look when viewed on a smart phone? That’s what I thought… you haven’t looked have you? Well if your website doesn’t work with a mobile device or is hard to use, you are going to be losing customers. With the number of smart phones projected to be in use over the next few years, you must keep this large population of consumers in mind when planning a marketing campaign.

Mobile marketing is big now and will become huge in the next 3 – 5 years. Stay tuned for more…

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