Small Business MarketingThis page is dedicated to a brief description of the various methods of online marketing available today. Most of these methods have been in existence for quite some time so the technology is not new but is rather mature. These methods are still very effective if implemented and managed correctly.

Web Sites: Having a business web site is the basic starting point for many businesses. These sites are a great way to tell your customers / clients all about you and your business. Web sites need to be optimized for specific key word phrases so your customers can find you in the search engines. Without optimization many sites are built, uploaded to the Internet and never visited as they do not rank highly in the search engines for the phrases people are searching for.

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Many businesses provide services and products to local customers and need to attract customers from a small localized area. The act of performing local SEO is optimizing a web site for a specific geographic area. If you have a business in St. Louis and you provide catering, you would want your web site to optimized for the term “St.Louis catering”. This type of optimization is very effective as you are not having to compete with the entire world for the term catering.

Business Listing Directories: Having your business information in business directories (Google Places, Bing Local, Yahoo Local, etc) is an effective way to get your name out there in front of prospective customers. These directories are taking the place of the old phone books of the days past. Yes, you can still advertise in a phone book but their effectiveness is being reduced daily by these online directories. The amount of online searches for local businesses is increasing at a staggering rate and the search engines know this fact. In fact, many of them have changed their business models to support local searches.

Mobile Marketing: As you are aware the world around us is changing and advertising is no different. The hot topic lately is mobile marketing. Many people carry their phones with them where ever they go and these phones provide an excellent platform for the modern marketer. To fully understand the power of this method of promoting your business I will use an example. Suppose you own a clothing store and you offer a discount coupon to your customers that provide their cell phone number. You can then send these “targeted” customers a text message once in a while describing your latest sale event. Text messaging is going to be huge, just wait!
While I have the podium, allow me to bring up another issue. With the number of mobile devices in use today, the statistics show more and more Internet users are browsing using their phones. Your website should be mobile enabled to allow quick browsing of your site. If you site is not mobile enabled, you may be missing out on a large segment of your market.

Pay Per Click: This form of advertising has been around for almost as long as the Internet. Basically an ad is created for the business and displayed on the search results pages and/or relevant websites that agree to have these ads displayed. You pay a fee anytime your ad gets clicked. Your ad may be presented (impressions) hundreds of times to web surfers but you only pay when your ad is clicked. There are many variations of pay per click advertising some more effective than others but they are worth looking into.

This list is by no means fully comprehensive, but it does outline the major avenues for advertising your business on the Internet.

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