Pay Per ClickOne of the oldest forms of advertising on the Internet is pay per click (PPC). This form of marketing involves placing small ads on the search results screen and within relevant websites with the intention of a user clicking your advertisement. Once the ad is clicked the user is directed to your website for more information about you and your offerings.

In the example below, I did a search in Google for San Jose Chiropractor and these PPC ads were displayed.

Pay Per Click Example

San Jose Chiropractor

The ads on the Google network are displayed on the very top of the screen as well as the right hand edge. They are easy to see and get a lot of attention from Internet surfers.

Google is not the only provider of PPC advertising. Almost all the major search engines and social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc) have their own form of PPC ads but we feel that Google provides the best results and most traffic. Whichever provider is chosen using the right ad text, the best keywords and geographic targeting is essential for a cost effective campaign.

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