Advertising on Facebook is also a viable alternative for a business. Facebook, unlike Google, allows small graphic ads and can be demographically targeted. These are 2 of the features that makes Facebook advertising appealing to some.

Being able to define your target demographics is a big advantage when creating an advertisement. If  your target audience is for instance females between the ages of 25 and 40 you can create an ad that targets just this group. That can be very helpful in getting just the right audience for your advertisements if you are selling a particular type of clothing or children’s product. Demographics are huge in any campaign as you can specifically present the right ad to the target audience.

Having the ability to create a small graphical advertisement is also a benefit as graphical ads gets the readers attention more than plain text. They have been shown time and time again to convert better than a simple text ad.

Facebook Ad Sample

FaceBook Ad Sample

Here is an example of a targeted ad placed on a Facebook page when I am logged into Facebook. I am located in California and I certainly fit the age demographics for this ad (home owner) and I am a male. Notice the graphic, is it targeted to the service or is it targeted to catch my attention? Exactly… this ad was created to get homeowner males to click on the ad. Very powerful stuff here.

Consider the possibilities of being able to define who sees your advertisement to this level!

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