One of the most popular pay per click (PPC) programs on the Internet today is Google Adwords. This popularity is founded on the fact that Google gets more searches per day than all the other search engines combined. The last statistics I viewed stated Google has about 72% of all search traffic in the world. So, if you wanted to get your name in front of as many people as possible, Google AdWords is the place to market your stuff.

When looking at Google search results page (SERP) the page is divided into 3 primary areas.

Google Search Results Page Example

Google Search Results Page Example

As shown in the example above, AdWords advertisements are prominently displayed at the top of the page as well as along the right hand side below the map. These ads are very visible and attract a lot of attention.

Target Keywords

AdWords campaigns are created to target a specific set of keywords. If you were a plumber in the example above, one of your target keywords would most certainly be “plumber” but could also include keywords such as “broken toilet” or “water leak”. The keywords on each campaign are what actually trigger your ad to be displayed. When someone types in a keyword that your ad targets, you ad could be displayed to that potential customer. If the potential customer clicks your ad, your account is charged for that click.

Target Geographics

Each ad group in AdWords can also be targeted to a specific geographical area thus preventing your ad from being displayed to people hundreds or thousands of miles away from your business.  For some businesses this geo-targeting function works very well, such as in the plumber example. Your local plumber most likely only services a limited area and wouldn’t want to pay for clicks from users a thousand miles away. But for some businesses, like web based services or products, you may not want to limit where your ad is displayed as you ship nationwide.

Each Campaign Designed Specifically for your Business

Each AdWords campaign is created specifically for the advertiser so it is optimized for their needs. After a campaign is up and running, reviewing and adjusting the campaign will help to optimize the campaign to be as cost effective as possible. Some keywords may not perform very well and need to be eliminated from the campaign, while other keywords have a very high click through rate (CTR).

Adwords Maintenance

An AdWords campaign is not a set it and forget it method of advertising. Initially, the campaign must be monitored and adjusted during the duration of the advertising. Eliminating bad performing keywords, adjusting bid rates to optimize placement of ads, adjusting ad text to increase the click through rates are all a part of our services.

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