Owning a business today requires having an awesome website!

• Does your business have a website?
• Is your website drawing new customers into your business?
• Can people find your website in the search engines?
• Do I promote my business name or do I attempt to attract local customers?

Elite Web Services can Build You a Website

Let’s take a few minutes and look at each of these questions in more detail.

Does your business have a website?

In today’s world, I can’t think of a reason for a business to not have a website. These electronic information portals are very important to not only your reputation in the business world but your customers expect you have one. Your current customers as well as potential customers /clients want to know what you have to offer, what brands you carry, how to find your business and the list goes on. It used to be that people would thumb through the phone book, but today they are surfing the web doing their research. A website should also be a very crucial component of your marketing plans. Designed and promoted correctly your business website should be attracting new customers into your business. Not having a website is a statement to the world that “your business is not keeping up with the market”! Do you have a website?

Is your website drawing new customers into your business?

A website must be appealing to look at, easy to navigate and present relevant information about your business. Having a website is an asset for your business and needs to looked upon as such. Every visitor to your site is a potential customer and your content should keep this important fact in mind. You can use your website to inform these potential customers about your products and services allowing the visitor to educate themselves about what you can offer them. Be sure to have contact information readily available so when that new customer wants to contact you its right there in front of them. Websites are an important sales tool for any business whether you are looking to attract a new local customer or getting an order from a customer half a world away!

Can people find your website in the search engines?

Having a nice website is good, having targeted visitors find your site is great! Back about 15 years ago you could put up a website and you were pretty much guaranteed you would get traffic to your site. The Internet has grown to such large proportions that websites will get lost in cyber space if not promoted correctly. There are so many websites out there today that without proper search engine optimization (SEO) your website will only be seen by you and your web developer. Many factors influence the search engines to rank your site on the first page of the search results. Some of these factors include your on-page SEO as well as off-page SEO. Its very important to not build a website and assume it will rise to the top of the search results as you will be disappointed.

Should you promote your business name or should you attempt to attract local customers?

One of the first things people struggle with when deciding to build a website is what domain name (URL) to use. If you are a small business looking to attract local customers I always suggest using a local URL. Having a domain name like www.chicagohandyman.com is much easier to drive traffic to as opposed to using a domain name like www.frankshandymanservice.com. The difference between these 2 domain names is that very few people are going to search for “franks handyman” as opposed to “chicago handyman”. Chicago handyman is going to get many more searches on the Internet and thus will be exposed to much more traffic once optimized properly. But, if you own a business that has a household name like Hoover, then you might want to consider using a domain name that includes Hoover in the URL. Its all about getting traffic, picking the right keywords with manageable competition levels to make a website work for you and your business.

Elite Web Services can build you a starter site for your business that is designed to attract local customers or we can build a high end site with shopping cart, membership logins, database driven catalogs and other powerful features.

Our starter sites are perfect for the business that desires a website but doesn’t want the additional maintenance cost to keep the site updated. Our starter sites are build with an admin back-end that allows site updates and changes to be performed by the business owner. You have complete control over the content, you can add articles, change the photos, or add specials whenever you want. It’s a great way to get started on the Internet and they are very reasonable.


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